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March 19, 2009

trouble sleeping and blah

Oh, thanks god I’ve just passed the hard week. Mid-test has finished, I’m so glad that I don’t have to study anymore ! yeaaayy

My trouble sleeping become more serious. If people sleep at 9 or 10 p.m, I sleep at 8 p.m then wake up at 1 or 2 or 3 a.m . Seriously, no one wakes me up from the sleeping tight. I wake up by myself and it always happen everyday. At 8 p.m I can’t keep my eyes open, so I decide to sleep.

I ask some friends and there’re just a few people do the same. What’s wrong ? I don’t even know. Hmmm I speculate maybe god who wakes me up ? God reminds me to pray isya or tahajud. Or maybe it’s a sleep disorders. While everyone is sleeping like a log, I’m dealing with books and homeworks. For me, it’s a nice thing that I am able to focus on studying though sometimes I feel a bit scary. hhaha

Okay, now I’m gonna tell you about my scores.

Biology – 81.xx I forgot the detail, but thanks god

Math – 63.33 what the……………....fff

English – 86.00

Physical Education (aka. PENJASKES) – 60.00 hahahahah don’t need to be worry I think.

Chemist – actually I don’t know exactly the score. I haven’t seen it. But I am pretty sure it’s a holy crap because the exam was really really difficult, everyone said so.

Who cares when sodium acid reacts with calcium hydroxide ?????


  1. is getting accustomed to disorders good? mungkin kedengeran gapapa donk kalo bangin jam segituan bisa bikin fokus tapi gue pernah baca kalo hati dan organ2 lain perlu diistirahatin pada jam2 tertentu, terutama pagi2 buta gituu. ditahan aja kali donk mungkin pola tidurnya bisa berubah lama-lama hehe

  2. eh SAMA BANGET ODONG, gue tiap jam 8 udah mau tepar rasanya, ngaaantuk berat terus jam2 kebangun wahahaha

  3. gue sekarang tiap hari tidur jam 9 dan bangun jam 2-4.. gue juga bingung kenapa, kayaknya gara2 jadwal sekolah berubah kali ya?
    and who cares about sodium hydroxide meets blablablaa???

  4. Nunu : iya nu, gue jg pernah baca. Jd takut kalau2 kaya gt terus ntar kenapa2 lg haha

    Erin & Dwi : waaaaaaa samaaaa haha, emang ni bawaannya lsg tepar apalg mid test kmaren