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April 19, 2009


Last Thursday my English teacher gave me assignment, I had to make an essay. I’m not a poet so I can’t string up words into poetical paragraph. In order to finished her assignment, I wrote my essay on a paper and I also asked my frined, Aldhin (he helped me passionately hahaha, thx dude!) to help me choose the right words.

And this is a piece of my essay about eternity

Is not a problem whether we are as dust before god’s eye live in a long time or short. Moreover no one will live in eternity.

Based on McMillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners, Eternity means the whole of time with no beginning and no end or it can be an extremely long time. But in fact, eternity has a wide context

I don’t belong to any sect. I’m also not a person who can predict the future. I just believe every deeds you do, there will be consequences for it.

If in the previous paragraph I mention about eternity has a wide context. Ya, that’s absolutely true. Some people have their own meaning. “Eternity is really long especially near the end. “ (Woody Allen, an American Actor 1935) . “Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity” (Sean O’Cassey, an Irish Playwright). Eternity doesn’t mean to live forever or to love the one you love. It’s cliché because love and hatred are like cutting edge string. Forget about love, I am not the master of love within the two human beings.


  1. what an interesting pieace is this. nice!

  2. aku tersentuh fahdiana, kau menyebut namaku. awwww hehe :)

  3. ya hkan lo yg bantuin gue hahah