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September 19, 2011


Internet catches my eyes again. And I think I prefer writing than studying statistics (fyi, tomorrow there's a quiz). Writing in front of Brownie-my laptop (His colour is brown) and thinking nowhere like your mind is walking somewhere you don't even know.


Thinking everything you do, did, and will do. Am kind of thinker, specifically a dreamer B-) This series story of life is left unknown and maybe some twists can ruin the ending you have imagined/planned before.

Anyway I love this month. I bought some stuffs which I'd been craved for quite a long time. It's a novel titled Room by Emma Donoghue. YEAH! and a fuschia sweater. Thanks for our culture about giving money to someone younger in Lebaran ;p

Thanks to Android application for making this tone

and for the next month, wish it would be better in everything.

the last is for tomorrow quiz, I hope nothing but doing well. Amen.


  1. tyaa! i've seen that book in periplus a lot but never bought it. is it any good?

  2. santhy! hmm it always gets good review. baru baca 50 halaman sii, tp sepertinya bagus.