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May 5, 2015

Late Night Thought

Since I bump into the working life, my kind of little talk is slightly shifting. From the casual one like where to eat and daily tasks to religion and nation, but what bothers me lately is....income. Once, my co-worker told me that

"Your lifestyle suits your income, not otherwise"

At first I didn't get that point, but later on I realized it's kind of true. Last time I met my friend then we talked about our work, I asked about her income. What's more surprising was we got the same amount of saving whereas her income was way bigger than mine. A question mark suddenly comes up, how come ? Well, that quote says it all. I rarely eat at the fancy cafe where I can put my status on path, I buy things I need, I always walk, I use public transportation and at the end of month, I feel proud of myself whenever I see my saving fund. Maybe, most of you think I'm not enjoying my life. Nah. You're totally wrong. I just don't think my income is relatively small  (it's only a matter of mindset tho). All I need is adjusting my lifestyle with the given condition and feeling grateful (I hope it will last longer). Besides, saving for me is one step towards success, I don't want my future life becomes miserable.

At last, just be okay with your situation right now and keep in mind that this is just the very first step to make your dreams happen. 

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