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October 8, 2015

Another Big Step

So, here it is. Finally, one of my big dream is going to happen. I passed the interview session of scholarship and there's only one step to do to bring it into reality. I and the rest of  awardee should join the preparation session.I remember when due date of the announcement, I had prepared for the worst. I thought this second attempt would be failed and I should've immediately enrolled another scholarship.

But, God planned it to me...

Mom was in tears...

I was unexpectedly not that extremely happy in a way that you could've just scream. No. I remained silent. Well, this because of the condition of my working place.

Anyway, I am fully grateful.

But then...I bump into this article and suddenly feel being slapped.

Can I use this opportunity nicely ? I remember when the interviewee asked me about city planning and bandung's problem. We discussed about it and he suddenly came to a statement that I should've been the city mayor.

I know I'm not an activist. Not your so-called-critical friend. But one thing for sure, I'm passionate about my field of interest and related to our country's problem. So yeah, just wish me luck.