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January 1, 2017

A Goodbye to 2016

2016 has passed and when everyone was celebrating the new year’s eve, I stuck in my bed. Yes, my kind of new years’ eve was not that great since my plan was a little bit ruined. Well, anyway 2016 was a year full of changes.

First, change of living. I am now living 1000 miles away from home, with different language and culture. At first, it was hard to adapt, but now I get used to it. Although I still miss my home and when everything was easy back then, I know what I’m doing right now is for good.

Some plans haven’t gotten ticked from my notes list. Once, I planned to go on solo travel to Liverpool but then I met my friend with her Spanish friend and ended up going on a trip together. Well, maybe I should rearrange my next solo trip.

2016 also taught me that after all you just had to rely on God and yourself. Problems definitely exists, but at the end you are the only one who can fix it. Even you live with other housemates, they have their own life and you cannot simply hope them to help you. Maybe they give you support, but you have to face your own difficulties.

For 2017, I only hope health and more patience. Dissertation is coming, so I have to work harder. And also travel more lol. Lastly, write more is a must! This blog has been left behind and I am planning to fix it.

I supposed to see this fireworks, but ended up sleeping :') *story on my next post
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