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February 9, 2017

A Not So Good Winter Holiday

Last year I spent my Christmas break by going to Glasgow and Edinburgh. Curious with the splendid review, I thought it would be fun to explore the northern part of United Kingdom. Hence, the two cities are on my list.

Initially, I planned to celebrate my new year’s eve in Edinburgh, seeing how Hogmanay was like. However, I got no place to stay and went home instead on 31st December, how poor! Bad luck still haunted me as my trip to Glasgow highlands was ruined due to the broken mini bus. Weeks before going to Glasgow, I booked one day trip to Glasgow Highlands. At first, the trip went well. The tour guide was very informative and attractive, in a way that he could boost our mood despite of the gloomy weather. However, the bad luck came. As our mini bus stopped at the edge of the hill, rain was pouring down and the wind blew the door of the mini bus. It got broken. Couldn’t be closed because of the wind. Hence, we waited over an hour without any certainty.

Although we knew that we could not continue to Glen Coe (our next destination), the tour guide who was also the driver, managed to assure us that there would be a replacing bus for us. After waiting two hours, finally another mini bus came. What made me amaze with quality of its service was the fact that the manager of the company also came and took the tour group to the restaurant and bought us fee lunch. Not only that, he apologized to each person and promised us to give full refund. Also, another free trip!! Yes. They gave me another free one day tour. We just inform the customer service and book another day and voila we can go to Scotland highland for once more. If it happens in Indonesia, I doubt I will give the same service as it is.

Well, anyway I still get a chance to take photo of Scotland highlands. Here they are

Suprisingly, this restaurant serves the best fish and chips I ever eat

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