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July 16, 2017

Scotland (1) - Glasgow

I know it's super late to post my last travel to Scotland, but who cares? This charming city needs an appreciation tho :)

I went to Glasgow for the second time in spring. The journey didn't go smoothly as I took the wrong train. I and Tika (my flatmate) mistook the schedule. We took the earlier train, and as a result, we took someone else's seat (sorry for the woman on the seat number 31). Luckily, the train inspector told us to stop at Darlington and continue to the next train (our actual train).

Long story short, I finally arrived in Glasgow. On sunday, we went to the University of Glasgow. It was located outside the city center, so you have to go there by bus or subway. By the time I got there, I was so thrilled. I can say that it was one of the most beautiful universities I had ever seen. No wonder, it was claimed as things-to-do-when-you-are-in-Glasgow

The building was a bit similar to Hogwarts, like an old castle surrounded by residential. Compare to Leeds, it was bigger and prettier. I even said to myself, why on earth I didn't choose Glasgow. LOL

Harry Potter, r u there?

After exploring the uni, we continued to Kelvin Grove museum. It's not far from the uni, we only spent 15-minute walking. The signage is very clear, so the chance you will get lost is little. The museum itself has a wide range of art collection, from sculpture to painting. Though, I didn't understand about art, I quite enjoyed since there were many interesting object to see. And oh, the architecture is fascinating!

places to visit in Glasgow

things to do in glasgow

things to do in Glasgow

Enough with the historical thingy, we were hungry and decided to eat lunch at Pizza Express. On our way to the restaurant, we found a hidden gem named Ashton Lane. It was almost unnoticeable because the location was a bit hard to find. The place itself is actually a narrow street with some cute cafes a long the street. You can see on the picture below how instragammable it is! Well, Glasgow you have a place in my heart now!

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