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August 4, 2017

Rambling Mind

Now it's August. It means I've been living in Leeds for 11 months. There were things that I promised myself to do it regularly. In the end, it ended up as a to-do list that was never crossed, including constantly writing about life in here.

I did write, but never finished. Well, technically, I will finish writing if it's about random stuff or just simply a rambling mind

Like this one.

I am writing my dissertation right now. Somehow, I feel uneasy during writing. The more I write the more I realise my writing is nonsense. It's just redundant and rubbish without any deep analysis. The data collection method was imperfect because I didn't prepare it well, resulted in an incomplete information. 

but, I couldn't go back, could I ?

I'm trying to find the missing gap and justifying my argument, wishing that it can make any sense.

Sigh.... I wish there were miracles in the next 3 weeks.


  1. I guess miracle is not a based-on-time thing. Miracle could happen all of sudden before you even realize it. It would happen, if you still believe. Keep trying, praying, and believing. It will happen eventually :D

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