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December 12, 2017

Stop Rushing Through Life

A friend posted a quote on her instagram saying that slowing down is a part of the process that we have to enjoy, being grateful for every step that life takes us.

This struck me right on my head. After two months leaving Leeds, I'm in a constant battle of my self. I'm hestitating my future and what I want to do next. Since one of my biggest dreams is already checked, a part of me feels grateful but another part feels empty. Even worse, when I'm trying to put all the puzzle, the universe seems not in line with my plan. I begin questioning my passion and all of the efforts I put into to get what I want. People say that you have to follow your passion, but what if you already follow one, the environment cannot accommodate and can't work with you? At times like this, being a realist is the most feasible thing to do. 

For now, I am still trying to work on my dreams and having patience, but if the plan is not working, well I might change it. While I am still attempting to work on it, I spend more time with family and friends, going to new and old places that revive my spirit. Also, listening to their story touched my heart and makes me think how one year had done a drastic change in someone's life. Nevertheless, reconnected with them again keeps me sane from the uncertainty of life.

At the end, perhaps what a friend just said on her instagram is right. While I'm rushing to get ahead in life, taking my life back is more needed to really enjoy the meaningful life. To deeply get to know myself, to really discover what kind of life that I always want.

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